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Five-Axis Machine Tool Accuracy Inspection and Testing
Announced date:2009/12/16

Five-Axis Machine Tool Accuracy Inspection and Testing
  Because of the increasing growth of the aerospace industry in recent years, the demand for five-axis machine tools is gradually expanding. Besides the three basic Cartesian coordinate axes in the typical configuration of a five-axis machine tools, the other two axes are named the rotating axis and tilting axis. By utilizing the adjunct protractor for dividing the angle of the rotating axis in the laser interferometer and fixture, we can easily measure the dividing accuracy and tolerance when the rotating axis is conducting angle division. The measuring accuracy can reach one Arc-second with resolution of up to 0.36 Arc-second without any distortion. It is the equipment that as relatively high usability among existing measuring instruments.
The relative difficulty in the measurement of the tilting axis is due to the cycloid moving path of the tilting axis. If its rotating center cannot be used for measurement, it tends to go beyond the path that is out of the measureable range of the instrument, which causes the measurement to be stopped and discontinued. Currently it is known that only API SWIVEL CHECK and Renishaw. The rest are not considered usable yet. Domestically made 4- and 5-axis rotary work platforms seem to be capable of performing measurement on the titling axis only before being assembled, whereas the actual accuracy after assembly is below expectations. Thus, in consideration of practical application, the Center performs measurements on the rotating axis and tilting axis by utilizing English R brand made rotating axis divider RX10 together with laser interferometer of higher power output to acquire angle dividing errors.
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