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Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Application Technology
Announced date:2009/12/16
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Application Technology

♦ Advantages:

Reduce labor cost, increase productivity, improve product quality


Precision positioning, defect inspection, dimension measurement, optical character recognition…etc.

♦ Examples:

LCD industrial equipment: panel dimension measurement, surface circuitry check

IC industrial equipment: all types of IC positioning and pad pitch check

Plastic industry: online extruded thin film defect inspection, online preformed bottle automatic
                        dimension measurement

Textile industry: online paper tube color recognition, measuring tape defect inspection

Other industries: corrugated paper calculation, scraping quality analysis

TFT-LCD panel multiple cutter system                                  All types of IC positioning system

Online thin film inspection system                                  Measurement system for preformed bottles

 ♦ Service contents

♦Automation system development

♦Machinery visional system development

♦Customized system

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