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Machine Tool Inspection and Accuracy Calibration per International Standards
Announced date:2009/12/16

Machine Tool Inspection and Accuracy Calibration per International Standards
Machine tool inspection and testing service items:
  • Full machine inspection and testing: Can follow all standards for inspection and testing: ISO, DIN, JIS, CNS…
  • Laser examination on machine tool positioning accuracy and rotating shaft positioning accuracy calibration and inspection
  • Geometric accuracy laser measurement: Straightness, squareness, flatness
  • Ball bar testing for analysis and adjustment
  • Machine tool performance characteristics testing
  • Mechanical dynamic and static state geometric accuracy calibration
  • Received long-term orders from Japanese, English and German machine tool firms for export examination on OEM products. Calibrate machines for hundreds of foreign, domestic and private businesses, which include drilling/milling machines, jig boring machines, precision optical grinders, EDM machines and five-axis machine tools of 27 meters, to elevate the product quality of the industry.
  • Laser interferometry comparison service
  • Third party certification for leading scientific projects and other governmental planning projects
  • Authorized verification for acceptance against the machinery procurement contracts issued by public institutes, schools, private businesses, etc…

 Objectives of the inspection and verification business:
1.To uncover hidden problems and improve the manufacturing process through inspection and verification processes
2.To elevate the product quality for the industry and increase relative value
3.To regularly track machine accuracy to reduce the output of defective products
4.To secure the right of the purchasers and minimize arguments on the verification for acceptance
Introduction to certification service contents:
1.     CMD standard certification
l    Machines to be CMD certificated include the following 10 types (each machine has its specialized CMDS inspection standard and examination details)
-Typical lathe -CNC lathe
Knee type vertical milling machine - Knee type horizontal general-purpose milling machine
-Vertical type machine center - Horizontal type machine center
-Surface grinder - General-purpose cylindrical grinder
-Radial drilling machine - EDM machine (including numerical control)
l    Inspection and testing items for all machine models
-Specifications of machine - Performance testing
-Continuous unloaded operation - Loaded operation
-Actual workpiece accuracy inspection and testing - Static accuracy inspection and testing
l    Grant of certificate
-Inspection and testing report will be published after inspection and testing, in which the fidelity of inspection and testing results will be verified
2.   Inspect and test per all standards
l    Inspect and test per the standards defined in the agreement or contract contents between buying and selling parties
-International standards (CNS、JIS、ISO、DIN…)
-Special group standards (CMD、JQA (originally JMI)、VDI…)
-Original manufacturer standards or in-house defined standards
l    Inspection and testing items in each standard can follow the requirements from both buying and selling parties and optional authorization can be enacted
l    Inspection and test report: An inspection and testing report will be published following completion of authorized inspection and testing standards or inspection items
3.   Laser accuracy measurement
l    Measurement items
-Positioning accuracy (including rotating shaft) -Straightness
-Squareness -Angle
l    Reference standards
l    Test report
-Testing report will be published per authorized measuring items
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