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Intelligent Robot Website Service
Announced date:2009/12/08

“RobotWorld” website
The RobotWorld website was founded in December 2006, it uses industrial information network to search and collect smart robot industry related information in advanced countries such as industrial information, product information, critical parts and components, technologies etc. It also searches and collects domestic research and development results by the academic, consulting capability of the laboratories and various event information to be used in school as the teaching materials on smart robots for the students, to build up the human resources required for the development of the industry and as the design reference of product development for the businesses. It also publishes robot industry information e-newsletter/specials and has more than 20,000 counts of web visitors monthly.

“RoboFun” website
The Robofun website was founded and open to the public in March 2007, which is the first situational space based on the theme of robot life located at the first floor of Precision Machinery Research & Development Center. There are more than one hundred domestic and foreign robotic parts, assembly components and finished products from Taiwan, the U.S., Japan, Korea and France etc in the exhibition hall. And by using situational demonstration and specifically assigned guides, the visiting people would be more aware of robotic applications. The visiting people are not only able to approach robots in a very short distance but are also provided with robotic educational lessons, which can always keep each single adult or child visitor lingering there.

“Robotrade” website
The Robotrade website was started online operation in August 2008. In order to meet the needs of international marketing, it is set up with both Chinese and English interfaces. Robot related businesses can join freely through simple verification and approval process. On the website, purchase and sale of parts and assembly products or lease of finished product and etc. can be proceeded. It is the first domestic robot-trading platform built up with the help of the organizational institute to increase the number of product selling channels for businesses and encourage proactive engagement between trading parties. There are also business exclusive web pages set up to provide you with customized company web pages. Recently, it also co-works with the largest portal web platform in the country to conduct keyword advertising for exposure. Now it is the right time to join.

Robot of Product Alliance (ROPA) website
The ROPA website was founded in July 2008, there are five alliance for cleaning robots, security robots, entertainment robots, educational robots and industrial robots currently in operation. The ROPA website will be the information sharing platform to encourage interactions among association members and enhance the interactivities and participation of association businesses. Businesses interested in robot research and development are welcome to join our group, in which, by complementary distribution of resources, the developing time can be shortened with early entry to the market that will earn much higher opportunities and profits.

Robotics Association Taiwan (ROBOAT) website
The ROBOAT website was founded in March 2007.  It is the only organization of juridical person that devote all its efforts to the robotic industry in the country, which was initiated by a wide range of groups of persons who are enthusiastic and caring about the development of the robotic industry. It is led by Director-general Mr. Eric Y.T Chuo (President of HIWIN Technologies Corp.). It is expected to hold symposiums, seminars, competitions, talent matchmaking and various kinds of activities to bring mutual engagement and cultivate business opportunities together collaboratively among association members, which would expedite the development of robot related industries.

Taipei International Robot Show (TIROS) website
The TIROS was held in August every year. It is the top exhibition for specialized robots in Taiwan. Being the most important international robot exhibition in Taiwan, the exhibition authorities invite well-known robot manufacturers around the world to join this prominent event and combine the activities including various kinds of competitions, university and industry liaison achievements and industrial forums. The businesses can take advantages of this event to grasp domestic and foreign robotic product buyers information, contact with international manufacturers and subsequently improve global vision and increase the opportunities of technical exchanges and cooperation to create more business opportunities and bring the greatest product value for the industry.