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“RoboFun” Robot Living Hall
Announced date:2009/12/08

“RoboFun” Robot Living Hall

On March 22 2007, ”RoboFun” robot living hall, guided by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the first exhibition hall in Taiwan that combines life situations, was officially founded in the Precision Machinery Research & Development Center located in Taichung City. Robot living hall, “RoboFun”, which took about half a year from planning to establishment and collects more than 30 types of robotic products, parts and assemblies from Taiwan, the U.S., Japan, France and Demark etc. Many of them just have had their debut in Taiwan and the Taiwanese products are continuing to increase.

”RoboFun”, the first situational space based on the theme of robot life, is located on the first floor of Precision Machinery Research & Development Center. Collected robots can be categorized into four major groups including cleaning, education, leisure and pet type, with more than 30 pieces of representative robotic products and robotic parts, assemblies and modules etc.

NaRuWan to 『RoboFun』!
“RoboFun” is named by adding “Fun” to “Robot”, an artificial agent in English, which stands for relief, fun and the creativity and delight brought to our lives by the robots. The objective of its establishment is to let more people understand the convenience and fun robots can bring to us, and also provides a robotic knowledge, technology exchange platform, lets people who come to “RoboFun” approach robots with a little distance, understand robots and fall in love with robots. The most important characteristics of “RoboFun” are the open space and the demonstrating design of situational applications. It is not just for visual enjoyment but also brings further experiences in robot life, access to the applications of parts and assemblies, which can inspire unlimited creative ideas of life and develop products with higher market value.

DIY area: design workshop
The purpose to have accessible parts, assemblies and modules combined with a hidden working platform is to give the convenience to the learners for performing module design, disassembling, assembling, and creation, and provide educational video as the assistance in demonstration and narration.
1. Accessible/hidden robot-making experimental platform
2. Demonstration area for parts, assemblies and modules and educational bulletin boards
3. Provide all the users with a convenient space to disassemble, assemble and study
4. Capable of accommodating 20 adults, where they have to stand for the most part of use in this area. Highly movable and configurable chairs are also available.

Situational simulation area: Divided into three thematic areas, and taking home life situational simulation as the main theme
1. Focus area – machine-man interactive experiencing area, mainly focusing on intelligent/entertaining/security etc robotic types. Video and audio area. Professional books on robotics are provided on loan and robot related videos can also be played with the adjunct video and audio functions
2. Situation area – irregularly providing daily life and home care etc. thematic application situations
3. Variety area: diversified functional applications, which can combine with functions including video/conference/narration/situational application etc.

Focus area – machine-man interaction experience area:
1. Actually experience the living interaction between machine and man. Directly operate robots or chat with robots. This site can accommodate 10 adults or 20 children
2. Security / intelligent / entertaining / cleaning etc. robots serve here

Situation 1
NUVO (home life/security robot) is waiting at the door when you come back home after work. Practice Japanese conversation while greeting and talking to him. MIURO (music robot) in the room plays soft music. The music goes with MIURO wherever it goes. When you are in the mood to enjoy, you can dance with it.

Focus area – video and audio/professional books functions:
1. Hidden/accessible storage cabinet, which can store 150 copies of books and magazines and 150 copies of video CD-ROM
2. Visitors can watch robotic videos here
3. Monthly publications and magazines are accessible for the visitors to review and reference

companionship / cleaning robot as the main contextual performance

1. Furniture of high mobility (desk, chair or bed) is convenient for large robots to move around this area, e.g. nursing robot
2. Situational posters or photos with various themes of the interactions between machine and man are available. Create a future situation where robots enter our daily life and get along with us
3. Medical nursing/accompanying etc. robots are located in this area. It can also be a multi-situational theme exhibition area.

Situation 2
Potbellied pregnant woman just needs to press a button and Roomba (cleaning robot) will start cleaning the floor. Then comes a song by Ifbot (accompanying/nursing robot) in the surroundings to accompany, talk with and sing to the grandmother who stays home along. The Paro lying on grandmother’s lap with its head and tail waving looks so cute.

Variety area – diversity and multi-functional variety area
1. Variety area available for video conferencing, small group meeting, situational video playback
2. In order to meet the thematic needs of the exhibition, exhibition space can be enlarged anytime to place thematic products in it
3. Simulated 1:2 scaled soccer robot game field or Internet game place
4. Thematic exhibition of entertaining/biped type robots, e.g. miuro, Nabaztag, Robosapien etc.

To make it clear to those who do not understand. Help those who want to join. Help those who join create something better. “RoboFun”, a platform openly presented to the public and a dream platform has countless robots and future expectations of our future:

Educational inspiration
1. Provide a channel of research/development/experiencing for college students of associated departments
2. Inspire more students or the public of machine-man interaction and interest

Research and development
1. Build an open workshop for making and designing products
2. Provide plentiful teaching resources and parts and assemblies information anytime; irregularly hold teaching sessions, forums and etc. activities

Exchange platform
1. Become the product presentation platform for the industry and academics. Available for opinion exchanges at any time and mutual communication for understanding the domestic developing progress
2. Besides exhibiting foreign fully developed, mature products, the achievements by domestic manufacturers and academics are also published here

Resource sharing
1. Provide diversified, uncommon products to the industry for direct experience
2. Provide plenty of professional books and robotic videos on loan or for reference

We hope, with the start of “RoboFun”, to integrate exchanges among the industry, the government, the academic and the researchers, and subsequently incite the creation of more, better and more creative products to enter the robotic world that combines technology and humanity.